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Relocation & Reevaluation

December 13, 2009

Somewhere along the way these past couple of months my unintentional break turned into an intentional break. I began to realize that in the past year and a half (soon to be two) blogging managed to take the fun out of reading for me. I’ll admit I also got caught up in the race to be the “best” blogger. I just had to get that review up because other people managed to post reviews every single day. But this competition (that is probably entirely in my head) managed to override the enjoyment of reading for me. Instead of enjoying the books I was reading, I was constantly looking for some flaw. Instead of commenting on how these books made me feel and my reactions to them, I was focused on the technical and grammatical aspects of books.

Now that I’ve come back, though, I decided to start a new blog, a new slate so to say. Less pressure, more enjoyment. This blog won’t have a rating scale, has a strict no-ARC policy, has streamlined categories, and will be more about the joy in reading. I hope you’ll join me over there because while this blog will remain until I can decide what I want to do with it (delete it, make it private), I will only be blogging at Ardent Reader.